Dr. Skye Fitzpatrick- Toronto, ON
York University

Stratas is very proud to announce the winner of the Spencer Shaw and Royal City Realty Award, Dr. Skye Fitzpatrick of the York University clinical psychology department. Dr. Fitzpatrick is the recipient of one of our largest awards, valued at $3,500, which was generously sponsored by Guelph realtor Spencer Shaw and Royal City Realty.

Dr. Fitzpatrick's long-term goal is to conduct research that demystifies and destigmatizes treatments for suicidal and self-injurious people. She is a clinician on the frontlines, and has seen for herself how self-injurious and suicidal people in Toronto have been given waitlist times of over 2 years. Dr. Fitzpatrick considers this a fundamental injustice, and is working toward a solution supported by Stratas.

Her "COMPASS" project provides a faster and simpler way to treat individuals and couples with self-injurious thoughts and behaviors. The project will soon undergo a randomized clinical trial to determine its viability, including a sample of 19 patients from the Greater Toronto Area. This project will employ 4 co-investigators and assistants.