About Us

We're helping change the face of mental health in Canada. Find out more about our vision.

About Us

We’re Stratas. We want to make mental health a priority in Canada.
Find out more about our approach and vision.

Our Vision

The Stratas Foundation was established to promote the mental health sciences in Canada among young and early career scholars.

We recognize everyone's right to a healthy mind, and to accessible and effective mental health care. We also recognize the responsibility we share in creating a world where this is possible.

These are our guiding principles. With your help, we can shine a light on mental illness in Canada.

Our Approach

Virtually all we know about mental health is the sum of the work done by scientists and scholars in universities or government-funded research institutes. Their projects are expensive, and each requires its own source of funding.  

The knowledge they produce is siloed into our medications, our treatments, and our public policies. We owe a lot to them.

That's why we're creating a financial support system for scholars looking to produce important research in disciplines such as neuropharmacology, psychiatry, clinical and positive psychology, neuroscience, and sociology.

Starting in the 2019-2020 academic year, our Selections Committee will assess applications from those seeking  funding for critical projects in the mental health sciences.

Our Committee will put a premium on applications from young researchers and early career scholars working at Canadian universities, health centers, and research institutes.

Applications for funding open in Fall 2019.